Todays Taps
  • Tap 1.

    Newstead Out & About

    QLD - Pale Ale - 5.1%

  • Tap 2.

    Green Beacon Saison Du Belise

    QLD - Saison - 5.4%

  • Tap 3.

    Brewtal Scrootch Juice: Sweet Brarley Ryne

    QLD - Rye Barley Wine - 10.8%

  • Tap 4.

    Noisy Minor Admiral Ackbar

    QLD - Anti-Imperial Red IPA - 8.2%

  • Tap 5.

    Green Beacon Windjammer

    QLD - IPA - 6%

  • Tap 6.

    Boatrocker Beer Garden

    VIC - Pilsner - 4.5%

  • Tap 7.

    Green Beacon Wayfarer USA

    QLD - American Wheat Ale - 4.9%

  • Tap 8.

    Brewtal West Coast Thrash

    QLD - American IPA - 6.8%

  • Tap 9.

    Hills Cider Co. Apple Cider

    SA - 5%

Damn Good

No pretension, no dress code & no pub cover bands. Just good drinkin’. Sitting in Milton, Brisbane, The Scratch is a small beer bar located in the shadow of the XXXX behemoth. We aim to support the independent and encourage the rejection of brand loyalty in favour of a constantly rotating draught and bottled beer menu. Take a tour of what we’ve got on tap with free tasters, enjoy one of our cheese platters or take advantage of our BYO food policy. Home of Brewtal Brewers. For your beer!

Getting Here

The bar is located at the bottom of Park Rd, Brisbane’s best fake-euro wine ‘em and dine ‘em restaurant strip. What we lack in giant novelty world wonder replicas, we make up for with good beer and no bullshit.