The Scratch



Ahhh, The Weekend of Darkness. Our annual example of proving how how proficient The Good Family Scratch are at scaring the piss out of middle-aged conservative white folk who have never been to the venue before and don't understand why 3000 people are throwing cash at dirty (and bleeding?) bar ...

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Photos 30th July

Brewsvegas 2016

Extra photos by Ben McLeay and Laura ...

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Photos 31st March

New Scratch and Brewtal Brewers Shirts

Over the last 5 years, Team Scratch has always been made up of a fairly bloody creative bunch. Chances are that you’ve encountered the killer beer knowledge, the friendliness and the amazing artwork of Tilly Milne and Georgie Levi. They worked with The Print Bar on a couple new shirt designs just in ...

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News 16th March