The Scratch


2015 Bar Runner Design Competition

Artists, painters and digital wizards, we are hosting our second Bar Runner design competition! What’s a bar runner? This is.It’s the extremely wide matt you find on a bar top that soaks up the excess beer that spills from your glass when you’re trying to carry four drinks back to the table.  You’ve ...

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Update! 29th April

School is in: Alementary in 2015.

Welcome back students, to another year of Alementary at The Scratch! Alementary is your educational, extra curricular foray into the beer world. Below you will find the first of a years worth of beer classes we’ll be hosting over the course of 2015. A dedicated beer wizard will host each class ...

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News 20th January

Happy New Beers!

Team Scratch! Happy new beers and welcome to 2015. Whether you camped in a forest, slumped on the couch in your living room or woke up somewhere where you didn’t know where you were, we hope you enjoyed your turn of the year with good people and good beer. We closed up for a couple ...

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Update! 6th January