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A Weekly Wrap: Intro / The Things / New Sancho! / A New Take On Breakfast Beer / Upcoming Goodies and MORE

Hello you.As is usually the situation these days, I woke this Monday morning feeling the achey and somewhat crusty lingerings of another epic weekend at The Scratch. Running a bar seems to age you quickly, but I was a little surprised when Jacqui pointed out to me what appears to ...

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Update! 25th March

No Faux Mo Fo's! Noisy Minor Launches.

On Saturday The Scratch played host to the first stop of a 65 person tour of  the brand spankin’ new ‘Noisy Minor Brewing Co.’ collection ( Armed with yellow shirts, cardboard megaphones and a golden ticket to flavour town, we toured 8 beers over four top Brisbane craft beer venues, beginning here, heading to ...

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News 25th March

A Year In Photos

In no particular order, a selection of photos from our first year in existence. (Nov 2011 - Nov 2012) Thanks for a great first year, ...

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Photos 22nd March