The Scratch


Jacqui Goes To GABS!

They say you are supposed to learn at least one new thing everyday, to keep your mind sharp. This past weekend, I learned that beer contains less calories than full cream milk! After considering this and that the ingredients of beer are mostly plant-based and often also found in breakfast cereal, I feel as ...

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Yarns 28th May

Kind Of Weekly Wrap Up 27/5/13

Howdy Scratcherino's! Whoooooooa mama have we got some good beers in this week! First up, a big thanks and congratulations to Emma Livingstone, who via her art persona [em]etic, has currently taken over the walls of the Scratch and will continue to do so for the next few weeks. The opening night ...

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Update! 27th May

Green Beacon Brewing Co.

On the Scratch taps recently you may have seen a few drops from local Brewery Green Beacon, a recent addition to the happy Brisbane craft beer family that opened up in January!The guys very kindly allowed the Scratch team a tour of their brewing setup this week where we got ...

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Photos 15th May