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Scratch Bar Mat Design Crunk Fest!

It's design competition time again Scratcherinos! The beer coaster competition we did earlier in the year tickled our loins, so we're jumping back in for round 2 with the help of Standout Mats. This time it's for a device I'm sure we can all agree is helpful, nay, 'necessary' for the smooth functionality ...

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News 21st August

Update 20/8/13

Noble beer warriors! I thought we might pop our heads out of the sand to bring you the only weekly update that gets done monthly.After the brutal insanity that was Queensland Beer Week, it's taken roughly a month for everything to get back to normal again, so we should be ...

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Update! 20th August

Beervana 2013

Like beer swilling birds migrating east for the winter, ‘The Beard’ and I returned to Wellington, New Zealand for a second consecutive year to attend Beervana  2013. Matt, having threatened a breakdown if he couldn’t also attend rounded out The Scratch’s team. On during ‘Choice Beer Week’, Beervana is New Zealand’s premier beer festival. It showcases the ...

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Yarns 19th August