The Scratch


Hot Tub Brew Club - Brew 1: Brisbane Brewing Co

The Good Family Scratch are firm believers in building close relationships with the legends that make the great beer we serve, but sometimes we feel like those relationships could be just a little bit closer.In 2016 we are embarking on a brand new series of collaborative brews with some of ...

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News 27th January

School is in: Alementary in 2015.

Welcome back students, to another year of Alementary at The Scratch! Alementary is your educational, extra curricular foray into the beer world. Below you will find the first of a years worth of beer classes we’ll be hosting over the course of 2015. A dedicated beer wizard will host each class ...

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News 20th January

Gift Certificates Available Over The Bar

You've got a Secret Santa to buy and you saw them drink a beer that one time so they MUST love beer right? We've had a lot of requests for it recently, so we're offering up Scratch coaster gift certificates (I'm liking the term 'Coaster Currency'! Catchy, no?) that you can ...

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News 11th December