The Scratch


Beer Wizard? We Want You! - Full Time Position Vacant

POSITION VACANT: Full Time Shift Manager / Craft Beer Wizard. For the first time in almost two years we’re looking for a full timer to add to the team in the new year. The role to fill is that of a night shift manager. A solid beer knowledge is desirable and ...

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News 11th December

Scratch Bar Mat Design Crunk Fest!

It's design competition time again Scratcherinos! The beer coaster competition we did earlier in the year tickled our loins, so we're jumping back in for round 2 with the help of Standout Mats. This time it's for a device I'm sure we can all agree is helpful, nay, 'necessary' for the smooth functionality ...

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News 21st August

Feral Tusk IIPA Ultra-Fresh beer on tap soon.

Hop Heads Take Heed!Keep a close eye out for a very upcoming tapping of Feral's new IIPA named Tusk, kegged, shipped and tapped at The Scratch in the shortest time possible to deliver the freshest beer possible. Crafty writes:Feral TuskWhen The Crafty Pint was over in the US last month, ...

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News 26th April