The Scratch


Beervana 2013

Like beer swilling birds migrating east for the winter, ‘The Beard’ and I returned to Wellington, New Zealand for a second consecutive year to attend Beervana  2013. Matt, having threatened a breakdown if he couldn’t also attend rounded out The Scratch’s team. On during ‘Choice Beer Week’, Beervana is New Zealand’s premier beer festival. It showcases the ...

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Yarns 19th August

Jacqui Goes To GABS!

They say you are supposed to learn at least one new thing everyday, to keep your mind sharp. This past weekend, I learned that beer contains less calories than full cream milk! After considering this and that the ingredients of beer are mostly plant-based and often also found in breakfast cereal, I feel as ...

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Yarns 28th May

The Children of the Sour Revolution

The time is ripe - the sour kids are getting their due. Weirdo beer styles always seem to encourage loyal fanboys and fangirls. Nuclear levels of hops were dangerously piled into bottles in the US and have subsequently gone internationally viral. Now it seems the sour revolution which began in Belgium has finally arrived ...

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Yarns 6th May