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Beer Wizard? We Want You! - Full Time Position Vacant

POSITION VACANT: Full Time Shift Manager / Craft Beer Wizard.

For the first time in almost two years we’re looking for a full timer to add to the team in the new year. The role to fill is that of a night shift manager. A solid beer knowledge is desirable and hospitality experience will be highly regarded.

It’s a pretty small team here at Scratch, and we're looking for someone with the right attitude and personality to work closely with the owners and the rest of the team to continue making the Scratch a haven for craft beer.

Tim gently lifts a keg all by himself. It's empty.

The role entails the following key points. –

- An informative, welcoming and personable approach to the serving of an extreme variety of beers to a mixed patronage of seasoned regulars, beer nerds and craft beer newcomers. 

-  Management and organisation of a large selection of bottled and keg stock in a small space. Attention to detail and initiative will help immensely. 

- Different beers have different needs. Part of the job will be performing cellarman duties and operating our fairly unique tap system. Although not expected knowledge, you will be required to develop a solid understanding of the way beer systems work, and all components in our bar to best look after the beer and maintain quality.

- Intimate knowledge of our stock (and beer in general). We know it’s cruel and unusual, but you’ll have to sample a lot of beers. No use talking about it if you haven’t tried it! We don’t just have beer. We have single malt whisky, wine, spirits, ice cream and cheese that you'll need to be all over as well.

- Dirt and grime management! Who would have thoughts shelled peanuts and beer stains would lead to a dirty bar right? Cleaning and presentation are serious parts of the job, and again, initiative and attention to detail are favourable characteristics.

- Managing a small night crew through both the busy and quiet times. When it’s busy at The Scratch, it’s busy, so dealing well with pressure is a must. Luckily, we generally have the greatest customers this side of the ocean, but you need to be able to deal well with all possible scenarios that a bar might encounter.

- Cash up and closure of the bar, ready for the next morning. The shifts start in the evening and typically wrap up around 1/1.30am. 

- Being in the family. On occasion there are things we expect the team to be part of, whether it’s brewery trips, beer launches, special occasions and training/education. Being a good person and having passion in what you do is a priority.

-RSA/RMLV requirements.

- A manual drivers license is handy too.

-And most of all, being a super cool dude or dudette!

-No, having a beard is not in the job description. 

Tim cleans the tanks at Bacchus Brewing. One must clean what one brews.

E-mail your resume and cover letter to by the 5th of January.

For your beer! 

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