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Gift Certificates Available Over The Bar

You've got a Secret Santa to buy and you saw them drink a beer that one time so they MUST love beer right? 

We've had a lot of requests for it recently, so we're offering up Scratch coaster gift certificates (I'm liking the term 'Coaster Currency'! Catchy, no?) that you can buy over the bar in the lead up to Christmas.

They come in two forms and have the special feature of no expiry date because that's just about one of the silliest things I've ever come across. 

You can buy a general voucher for whatever amount you please. It doesn't have to all be spent in one go so that your special someone or your brother in law who you don't really know but figured he'd like this can chip away at it slowly. 

The other is one specifically for 'Alementary' classes. In February 2015 we'll be starting up a fresh year of Alementary: short, varied classes where a rotating roster of beer professionals will take a group of beer enthusiasts through focused classes that mix drinking with learning  We'll start announcing them early next year but there will be a mixture of beer educations classes, meet the brewer events and hoppy adventures down weird, strange alleys rarely ventured through. 

It will be extremely flexible, so if you'd like to gift someone with a little beer education or a bar tab, hit us up. If you're out of town, e-mail us at with what you're after and we'll sort something out.

Throw in a Brewed Nude 2015 beer calendar ( and we're almost getting bloody retail at The Scratch. 

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News 11th December