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Hot Tub Brew Club - Brew 1: Brisbane Brewing Co

The Good Family Scratch are firm believers in building close relationships with the legends that make the great beer we serve, but sometimes we feel like those relationships could be just a little bit closer.

In 2016 we are embarking on a brand new series of collaborative brews with some of our favourite breweries across Australia, where we will be soaking up knowledge, steeping ourselves in it and creating one-off beers that will be available at The Scratch and a small handful of limited venues with each release.
Each brew will be accompanied by a short film featuring the chosen brewery and highlighting the brilliant brains (and bodacious bods) of the folks who craft the goods as they get intimate with members of the Good Family Scratch in their favourite pre-brewing ritual - Hot Tubbin’.

In our first episode, we get tubby with Sim and Brendan, the hirsute and handsome hunks from Brisbane Brewing Co. in West End, for some insight into the process of beer style selection, their new home as a West End brewery and being clowns in general.
You can get your hands on some of Brew 1: A-Licky Boom Boom Hoppy Vanilla Golden Ale at The Scratch Bar, and Brisbane Brewing Co from now until gone!

Music from 'Sword' by Angharad Drake (Go buy it!).
Special thanks to Laura Seeds for the helping hand.

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News 27th January