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New Scratch and Brewtal Brewers Shirts

Over the last 5 years, Team Scratch has always been made up of a fairly bloody creative bunch. Chances are that you’ve encountered the killer beer knowledge, the friendliness and the amazing artwork of Tilly Milne and Georgie Levi. They worked with The Print Bar on a couple new shirt designs just in time for the backend of Brewsvegas! 

Tilly is responsible for the scarily hyper-real chalk portraits that you’ll see around the Scratch from time to time. Hopefully you made it to Tilly’s art show last year to check our her phenomenal illustrative work, but if not don’t worry, we’ll probably bug her until it happens at the bar again.  Tilly has put together a crazy good new T-shirt for The Scratch featuring our old wildebeest (we think) pal who hangs on the back wall. You can follow Tilly’s art by following @tillmanilli on IG.

Georgie is responsible for most of the graphic design that comes out of The Scratch, along with all the Brewtal Brewers decals and a new upcoming Scratch logo that we’re pretty dang excited about. During Brewvegas we’re officially linking our side project Brewtal Brewers led by Tim Goulding to The Scratch and what better way to do that than a gnarly T-shirt with a flippin’ shark on it! You can follow Georgie’s work by checking out @georgielevi on IG or follow her ramblings at @georgie_levi on Twitter (highly recommended).

Georgie and Tilly do a stupid amount more than we’ve just mentioned, so a big cheers to them and if you’re ever in need of some talented folk, be sure to get in touch.

The Scratch T-shirt will be available from today, Wednesday the 16th of March and the Brewtal T-shirt will be available from our Brewsvegas event ‘Brewtal Origins’  on Friday the 18th of March. Shirts are $35 each and are super duper limited, so don’t muck around! 

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