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School is in: Alementary in 2015.

Welcome back students, to another year of Alementary at The Scratch! 

Alementary is your educational, extra curricular foray into the beer world. Below you will find the first of a years worth of beer classes we’ll be hosting over the course of 2015. A dedicated beer wizard will host each class focusing on a different subject matter. Each class is unique, so you can just pick and choose what interests you. Classes are small, so our suggestion is that if something jumps out at you, get onto tickets quickly! Best of all, this is beer education, so of course you share some beer along the way. Otherwise, how else would you learn? Expect us to go on a few academic tangents throughout the year with classes focusing on cider, pickling and other non-beer Scratch obsessions. 

We’ll be announcing classes a month in advance, so keep an eye on our website and on this page. 

You can grab a spot by popping into the bar or buying a ticket over the phone on 07 3107 9910. Tickets will go on sale from 10am today.

Home Brewin’ with Newstead Brewin’

Saturday the 14th of February – 10am - $20

Join Mark Howes, head brewer of Newstead Brewing Co. (QLD) as he takes you through the basics of home brewing. Designed for home brew newcomers and novices, learn the process of brewing at home with a live demonstration out the front on the Scratch. Mark will take you through each step of the brew, explaining what role each ingredient and process serves along the way. Since part of brewing is waiting around a bit, we'll drink a few Newstead beers as we go! Expect this session to last until mid afternoon as brewing, like all good things in life, takes a little time. 

Sour Beers with ‘The Duke’

21 February – 11am - $30

Resident Scratch lambic fanatic Nick 'The Duke' Gauci will take you through his favourite obsession: Sours! We'll be talking and drinking some classics from Belgium and beyond. Lambics, guezes, wild ales - wet blankets, lemon tang and puckered faces will be the order of the day. 

Smoked Beers with Croft Brewing + Documentary Screening

23 February – 8pm - $25

Once upon a time every beer would have been smoked. This tradition disappeared the world over, except for in a small pocket of Northern Bavaria where it has continued on unbroken for centuries. Come along to gain historical insight into how beer used to be made through the documentary film, Bamberg: A Town Built on Beer (Germany) as well plenty of samples and discussion. This 2 hour special is hosted by Gavin Croft of Croft Brewing Company (QLD). 

For your Scratchploma! 

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