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Shrooms of Doom-A Weekend of Darkness Update

The cold weather and gloomy days of winter are starting to roll in and thus Weekend of Darkness is slowing creeping its deliciously dark fingers towards us, and mates, we couldn't be more excited. To psyche ourselves up for it we took a little road trip down to Bridge Road Brewing in Beechworth, Victoria to brew up a deliciously dark and umami filled beer.  Since we were doing a collab with our mates over at Netherworld we brought a few of them along as well and decided to make our main ingredient a Hellmouth Diner fav, the humble mushroom. We took to the pine forest plantations of Victoria and spent a few hours foraging for wild pine mushroom to throw in our brew. It was grim business, but it had to be done. Shrooms of Doom. Look for it at Darkness 2017.

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News 27th May