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Ahhh, The Weekend of Darkness. Our annual example of proving how how proficient The Good Family Scratch are at scaring the piss out of middle-aged conservative white folk who have never been to the venue before and don't understand why 3000 people are throwing cash at dirty (and bleeding?) bar staff for "weird looking Guinness".

With a comfortable ratio of fire hazards to summoning circles there's no denying it was our best Darkness yet. Having an extra bank of taps this year meant no tedious magic boxes cluttering up our back bar and tripping us up on extra lines snaked across the floor. What a world we live in.

To those who made it along, who patiently waited in line, who dealt with the crowds like champs, who gave up chairs and shifted around for others, who kept hydrated and were there simply for good beer and great people, thank you. The Scratch loves you and wishes you the best. It was a massive effort for everybody involved and we couldn't have done it without you. Obviously. If we'd tried to drink that much beer alone we absolutely would have died, albeit happily, but not before shitting our pants and/or burning the bar down.

The photos below are a quick snapshot of the weekend, but mostly the beginning of a portfolio for Tilly who could pursue a dominating career in SFX if she so desired. Holy moly.

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Photos 30th July