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Weekend of Darkness 2017

For our fifth year running, The Darkness beckoned, The Darkness returned, and The Darkness consumed the bar. No longer sticky with stout remnants, our wounds licked and healed, we reflect again on our most insane weekend of the year.

Weekend of Darkness 2017 proved to be our busiest ever. As dark beer fever swept the crowds, kegs blew left right and center, with some of the rarer international beers lasting only a few hours. The ritual 6pm changing of the taps brought hordes of beer fanatics, who swarmed the bar, itching to sample the fresh drops and concoctions. Serving out from behind various foliage, test tubes, and jars of preserved organs (provided by our dear friend and freak, Luke Shield, thank you, Sir) Dr. Scratch and his team of experiments and mad scientists had an absolute blast riding out the madness of the weekend, and slinging (and quality testing) some of the most wonderful brews we've ever had the pleasure of pouring here at The Scratch.

Huge thanks to both Mongrel Pop-Up Kitchen, who provided hearty stews for those hefty dark brews, and Alphabet Cafe, who once again delivered scrumptious sweet treats. We love our food (nearly) as much as we love our beer, and it's a goddamn pleasure to work with wonderful Brisbane businesses who are merchants of flavour.

And an absolutely MASSIVE thank you to all of the wonderful patrons that joined us for the Darkness. To all of you who patiently waited in line, navigated the hordes in our crowded little bar, kept hydrated, enjoyed brews, brought the most amazing energy, and were just all round the best folks, thank you. There's a huge amount of planning and effort that goes into pulling off a weekend of this scale, and it's you, the people, that make it all worth while. We feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing patrons, that continue to support and indulge us in our madness. Till next year...

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