The Scratch


Dog Days of Summer

Our 2nd Annual Dog Days of Summer event is back again this March 3rd and we couldn’t be more excited fur it. This year we’ll be holding two seperate competitions to spread the love between our bestest pals, a photo competition and doggo talent show. Beers from Moon Dog, Beard ...

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Sat 3rd March


 Artists, painters and digital design wizards, we are hosting another Bar Runner design competition!What’s a bar runner, you may ask? It's the extremely wide mat you find on a bar top, that soaks up the excess beer that spills from your glass when you’re trying to carry four drinks back ...

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Wed 7th March

Brewsvegas 2018: South Australia Pint of Origin

Brewsvegas, Brisbane's grass roots craft beer festival, returns for the fifth year running in 2018, from March 10th til 18th. We've signed up to be the Pint of Origin venue tasked with showcasing the many wonderful brews from South Australia. Look out for several different brewery showcases, alongside some fun ...

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10th - March
18th March

Fair Dinkum: Brewsvegas 2018

Koalas are awesome, and that is a fact. The iconic and delightfully furry little grumps are as synonymous with Australia, as craft beer is with good people. But our beloved Koalas face many threats, and The Scratch wants to throw a fair dinkum party to raise money and awareness for ...

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Sat 10th March