The Scratch


BABBS Mash Paddle Tapping

 Brisbane Amateur Beer Brewers join us for another year, with a range of their members' brews being tapped. More details to ...

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Sun 8th October

Stranger Things Tribute Artist Callout

Creatives, we want you. As tribute to the glorious series that is Stranger Things, and in anticipation of the release of the second season, we're going to be having a group art show on the 25th of October. If you want to contribute, get in touch, throw us your best ...

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Wed 18th October

Brew Down!

Three bars, three breweries, and three different takes on the humble Wheat Beer. Who will come out on top on? Who will be the losiest loser? Old rivalries breed fresh brews, in a weekend of competitive silliness. More details to ...

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20th - October
22nd October

Stranger Things Tribute Art Show

Us giant nerds here are pretty stoked about the upcoming release of the second season of "Stranger Things". To celebrate, we're throwing a little art show, indulging in a screening of Season One, and enjoying some goddamn waffles. Join us from 7pm! 80's attire not mandatory, but strongly encouraged. We're ...

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Wed 25th October

Brewtal Brewers Sunday Roast

Brewtal head brewer (and our very own) Timbo will be joining us for a pop up kitchen event, and the release of his new NZ IPA, the "Turps Shandy". The man brews a mean beer, and cooks a meaner meal. A Brewtal kitchen is a one way ticket to flavour ...

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Sun 29th October