The Scratch


Bacchus Brewing Co Bo Jingles the 5th on Tap!

Bo Jingles, the yuletide bastard is back! This Christmas, the 5th incarnation of our yearly festive mega stout is hitting our taps at midday on Friday the 18th of December. Thanks to Emma of Emetic Art, he’s looking a little gnarlier as a result of hitting one too many egg nogs. This year, Bacchus has stepped it up a notch with a high alcohol blend, featuring last years 18 month barrel aged Bo Jingles, 6 month barrel aged Bo with raspberries, 6 month barrel aged Bo with cherries along with additions of spiced rum and chocolate.  It is incredibly joyous for us to see Bo starting to rot away. We hope he’s sneaking mistletoe above us all for many years more. We’re got 100L to share, so it shouldn’t disappear from the taps too soon. Ho –Blergghhh-Ho, merry Scratchmas! 

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Fri 18th December