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 Artists, painters and digital design wizards, we are hosting another Bar Runner design competition!

What’s a bar runner, you may ask? It's the extremely wide mat you find on a bar top, that soaks up the excess beer that spills from your glass when you’re trying to carry four drinks back to the table.

You’ve got the next six weeks to get your design together. In the second week of March, we'll select a winner who will get 2 of their very own bar runners with their design as well as a sexy $150 bar tab.

The winner and our favourite other entries will be commissioned into actual bar runners, forever immortalised on the glorious Scratch bar tops for all to admire. Look out for an art show in mid March featuring a selection of the best entries!

Should you win, we’ll be asking for permission to print a run of Bar Runners with your design to decorate our bar. Beyond that, the designs will permanently belong to you!

Entries close on the 7th of March at midnight. Submit as many designs as you like to

Design nerds, your specs below:

PDF image or Illustrator File

Overall Matt Size 870mm x 250mm

Image Area Size 840mm x 220mm

Artwork bleed to 850mm x 230mm

CMYK Format

Template and further details can be downloaded from the following link:

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Wed 7th March