The Scratch


Beerkary Bakery - Xmas Special!

Sunday 15th December. the genius that is Beerkary - beer based baking dynamic duo return to The Scratch for another serving of delicious baked treats. This time - it's Christmas.

Here is the menu!

Bo Jingles (All the way) Cherry Cherry Xmas Stout 2013 Shiraz Barrel Edition

Paired with - Stout bread, with confit turkey and cherry. $9

Chocolate cherry and stout croissant. $5  

Nogne O Underlig Jul (NOR)

Paired with - "Fattigmann bakker" norwegian cookie $4 

Malt bread, spiced pork and red cabbage $9

Deschutes Jubelale 2013 (US)

Paired with - Fruitmince and applewood ice cream sandwich $6

Uncle charlies sri lankan christmas cake $4

4 Pine Xmas Saison

Paired with - Gingernosed Reindeer $4 

Hoppy Snowman marshmallows $5

Gluhwein Snail $5

IPA brioche, smoked trout and apricot $9 

Until stock runs out!
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Sun 15th December