The Scratch


Dom Miller Live at The Back of The Bar

You might recognise Dom Miller (if you were really into obscure Brisbane rock bands from the mid-late 2000’s) as the former singer for Rocketsmiths; the now-defunct indie-rock band that released two EPs and an album before going their separate ways. They went ok; they had a couple of songs on Triple J, played some big supports with bands like Spoon and British India (and more) and toured all over the country. But eventually, the band got over it; their debut album didn’t do much and they suddenly found themselves with no money, completely uninspired and nothing to show for it. So they had a big old party and broke up.

Dom Miller, however, took a roundabout path to be reinspired to write and perform his own tunes. Flipping to the other side of the industry by managing bands, an encounter with John Butler, Mama Kin and numerous music managers forced Dom’s hand back into musicianship. Now, with a national tour supporting John Butler Trio throughout November and the release of his poppy new single “Clap Your Hands” on November 7th it feels like their encouragement was in the right place. 

Come see him bust some solo moves at The Scratch Bar - Free Entry from 7:30pm!

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Tue 10th December