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Duke's Weekend of Tartness - Day 2

The inaugural Scratch Bar “Weekend of Tartness” is set to go off on the 6/7 December. The sister festival to Scratch’s massively popular winter Weekend of Darkness festival cartwheels to the opposite end of the extreme spectra of beer styles, with 2 days of nothing but the funkiest, sourest, most refreshing and fun beers being produced in Australia and around the world. "Berliner Weisse", “Gueuze", “Saison" and “Lambic" are just a handful of terms that will be bandied about as no less than 24 different sour and tart brews hit the taps across the 2 day festival. The beers have been sourced from throughout the country including some great brews from local brewers Bacchus, Newstead and Croft brewing. Some special and renowned international sours will also pop their head up including drops from Garage Project (NZ), Rodenbach (BEL) and Sierra Nevada (USA). 

If all this sounds too much for the unseasoned drinker, fear not - a number of taps will feature specialty cider and some entry level examples of the style. Add in lots of summery fun, bad hair and fluoro, delicious food from serial Scratch collaborators and a bevy of pop hits to kickstart the approaching heat. The Scratch is going all out for this one of a kind event. 

The weekend’s festivities are free entry, 12pm-midnight both days.

TAP LIST! (subject to change)

Bacchus Barrel Aged Strawberry Berliner Weisse (QLD)

Bacchus Flemish Red (QLD)

Bacchus Flemish Brown (QLD)

Bacchus Atomic Raspberry (QLD

Brisbane Amateur Beer Brewers Wild Ale (QLD)

Boatrocker Mitte - Chardonnay Barrel Aged Berliner Weisse (VIC)

Bridge Rd Barrel Aged Blended Sour (VIC)

Bridge Rd Barrel Aged Scrumpy Cider (VIC)

Croft Pomegranate Saison (QLD)

Croft/Newstead Brett Van Gogh’s Earlobe - Bretted Saison (QLD)

King Brown Rum Barrel Aged Lambic (QLD)

Feral Watermelon Warhead – Berliner Weisse (WA)

Garage Project Wabi Sabi Sour – Honeydew & Yuzu Sour Ale (NZ)

Hop Dog Holy Snappin' Turtles – Wild Ale (NSW)

Illawarra Fruit Lambic (NSW)

La Sirene Cherie Kriek (VIC)

Prickly Moses Nigella – Sour Coffee Stout (VIC)

Red Duck Aztec - Lime and Guava Saison (VIC)

Rodenbach Grand Cru (BEL)

Sierra Nevada All Systems Gose (USA)

Temple Super Scarlet (VIC)

Willie Smiths Wild Ferment Cider (TAS)

Young Henry’s/Cavalier I Can’t Believe It’s Not Galaxy – Passionfruit Sour (NSW)

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Sun 7th December