The Scratch


Fair Dinkum: Brewsvegas 2018

Koalas are awesome, and that is a fact. The iconic and delightfully furry little grumps are as synonymous with Australia, as craft beer is with good people. But our beloved Koalas face many threats, and The Scratch wants to throw a fair dinkum party to raise money and awareness for conservation efforts, in tribute to all things ‘Straya. Come down and try a range of speciality beers brewed with native Australian ingredients, and explore some of the amazing flavours Australian bush produce has to offer (in the form of delicious beers). While you’re enjoying a schooie of true blue Aussie brews, you’ll also have the opportunity to snack on some plant-based takes on classic bakery goods, while also helping to give a little good for our favourite fuzz-faced friends. Bonza!

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Sat 10th March