The Scratch


Juice Wars: 3 Ravens vs. Hop Nation

A short time from now, in a Galaxy not so far from where Galaxy is grown, two Australian progenitors of the milky IPA formed a Juicy Alliance to produce Clones of the same beer. Designed to bring balance to the Juice, the collaboration mashes up highly classified recipes from 3 Ravens and Hop Nation, to produce twin beers with the same genetic makeup, but raised in different fermentors, with different yeasty parents. Introducing 3 Ravens Juicy Jedi and Hop Nation Jedi Juicy.

Join us on Friday February 2nd, as we pour both NEIPAs simultaneously, alongside a lineup of other special hopped up treats from 3 Ravens and Hop Nation breweries. We'll also be joined by 3 Ravens Head Brewer, Brendan O'Sullivan, for an evening of Juicy chats. Full tap list TBA!

Juice. Or Juice not. There is no clarity.

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Fri 2nd February