The Scratch


The Scrapes: Live At The Back Of The Bar

Ultimately intuitive, but born of a deep knowledge of tradition and a subversive philosophical leaning, The Scrapes are without a doubt a one-of-a-kind entity on the global music stage.  Formed in Brisbane Australia in 2009, The Scrapes are a duo of orchestral, dense rockabilly guitar (Ryan Potter) and scraping, emotive electric violin (Adam Cadell). To date they have released two full- length albums Electric Mourning Blues (2010) and Kali Yuga Sunrise (2011), both released in partnership with US label All Is Number Records. Throughout 2012 and 2013 Adam and Ryan lived abroad (Ghana and Turkey respectively), and have returned to Australia in 2014 with new sounds and instruments to add to the Scrapes’ strange brew. They are currently working on new pieces that will complete The Songs of Baron Samedi, a project begun while both artists were living in vastly different corners of the globe.

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Sat 13th December