The Scratch


Weekend of Tartness 2017

You see, the Funk is a living creature. It’s ‘bout the size of a speck of dust, but covered in ascospores. It came from another planet, and landed on The Scratch. Back then, The Scratch was just a simple public house. But they took one look at those budding sour Dekkera and lost their minds. They began to milk the Funk. Made themselves a Funk Shake. Began to feel fizzy inside. Found they could boogie all night. And in a delirious funky vortex of zingy, zest, sour, and disco balls, they created The Weekend of Tartness...

The Scratch’s annual celebration of all things sour, The Weekend of Tartness returns this December 2nd and 3rd. From midday to midnight, we’ll be tapping over 20 different sour ales, both domestic and international, in a four session showcase of the funky world of tart brews. Expect lambics, berliner weisses, hoppy sours, bretted pales, fermented fruit, wild ciders, barrel aged goodness and more. Bring a fresh palette and fresher moves; it’s going to get funkadelic. The legends at Mongrel Kitchen will be cooking up a storm over the weekend, menu to be announced.

Full beer list to be announced...

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